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Corning Optical Communications New York, NY Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

80% of cellular demand is inside of buildings, fast and reliable cellular coverage is a basic expectation of people in every property. Corning Everon Network Solutions offer a full suite of in-building wireless solutions to meet your needs in New York, New York. Corning Everon DAS offers exceptional value for a variety of enterprise applications.

Corning DAS has you covered in New York, New York

Enterprises throughout New York, New York face unique challenges to stay in front of the exploding demand for robust, reliable in-building cellular service. Corning is the leader in this space, spearheading the next generation of DAS that supports all LTE bands, 5G and 5G-NR services, and more.

Corning Everon™ DAS Delivers

  • Future Ready
    5G capable today and backwards compatible. Our DAS solutions are 5g-ready and built with scalability in mind.
  • Lower Upgrade Cost – Less Disruption
    Avoid disruption and costly upgrades with Everon DAS. Built on an optical fiber core network our DAS solutions can help you stay ahead of technology and evolving user requirements.
  • Streamlined Deployment
    Everon DAS solutions are approved by the major US cellular operators to be used by their Network Engineers, greatly reducing the time and effort to commission Everon DAS.
  • Expert Support
    Backed by our expert team deeply committed to customer service, rooted in our 150 + year history of technology leadership.

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Our wireless and optical infrastructure in New York, New York is easily deployable via a wide range of off the shelf or field terminated all-optical or composite cables. Easy to design, plug-and-play connectors significantly reduce installation cost and deployment time. Composite cabling, composed of both copper conductors for power and optical fibers for data traffic replaces PoE infrastructure while bringing the promise of huge future
Everon 3000 DAS
Everon 3000 DAS (ONE DAS)
Corning Everon 3000 (ONE DAS) is ideally suited for the enterprise offering specifically designed to overcome the complexity of providing multi-carrier 5G service, offering a scalable solution for buildings form 100,000 to 500,000 square feet. offers a flexible and scalable distributed antenna solution that delivers multi-operator coverage indoors. ideal for medium-large enterprise venues.
Corning Everon 6200 DAS
Everon 6200 DAS
Corning Everon 6200 is the first DAS solution specifically designed for the enterprise that delivers flexibility, reduce installation and ongoing costs for buildings from 150,000 to 500,000 square feet.
Corning Everon 6000 DAS
Everon 6000 DAS
Corning Everon 6000 DAS is specifically designed to accommodate environments with high population density and capacity. It is ideal for larger venues like airports, stadiums, and convention centers (over 500,000 sq. ft.) and where robust capability and performance are required.

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Corning Optical Communications

About Corning in New York, New York

Corning's optical fiber-based solutions keep communication flowing for consumers and businesses in New York, New York who want fast, reliable connection to the world anywhere, anytime. Because of these optical communications technologies, people have greater access to video, voice, and information than ever before. But it's not enough. Consumers want to exchange data in the blink of an eye, especially as they do more virtually and online than ever before. Corning is responding with market-leading innovations for 5G-ready networks and powerful hyperscale data centers, making slow speeds and dropped calls a thing of the past.

Today, many are preparing for 5G. Corning has been preparing for 5G networks for the last 50 years. Since the invention of optical fiber in 1970 by three Corning scientists, Corning has been on an innovation path to realize the faster and more reliable connectivity that today's networks require. The future of 5G networks depends on the fiber-optic technology invented by Corning.